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Equine Health Documents:

Licensing Questions:

Executive Staff

Steve May
Executive Director
952.496.7950 x 2

Bob Schiewe
Deputy Director
952.496.7950 x 3


E. Joseph Newton
General Counsel 

Kevin Hoese, CPA (Inactive)
952.496.7950 x 8

Dr. Lynn Hovda, DVM
Chief Commission Veterinarian

Stephanie Jenson
Safety Coordinator-SB Breeder’s Fund Coordinator

John Flynn
Investigator (Canterbury)
952.496.7950 x 4

Nick Cummins
Investigator (Canterbury)
952.496.7950 x 5

Linda Hilligoss
Investigator (Canterbury)

Andrew Still
Investigator (Running Aces)

Nicole Edstrom
Licensing Clerk/TB & QH Breeders’ Fund
952.496.7950 x 9

Rebecca Roush
Licensing Clerk/Communications
952.496.7950 x 6

Colleen Hurlbert
State Program Administrator
952.496.7950 x7

 Stewards- Canterbury Park

Office Phone: 952-496-6474 (live season only)

 Judges- Running Aces

Office Phone: 651-925-3943 (live season only)

Canterbury Park Office:

1100 Canterbury Rd, Suite 100
Shakopee, MN 55379

Main Phone: 952.496.7950

Fax: 952-496-7954

Administrative Hours:
See licensing hours

Running Aces

15201 Zurich St, Suite 212
Columbus, MN 55025

Main Phone: 651.925.3951

Fax: 651-925-3953

Administrative Hours:
See licensing hours

Employment Opportunities

Full-Time/Part-Time Agency Staff & Contract Positions 

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